Is dentistry a business?

“My monthly revenues are not big enough. I still struggle financially by the end of the month …”

“I don’t have enough patients with more expensive treatments …”

“If I increase the prices in my dental office, patients will go away to my competitors …”

“If I don’t show up everyday at work, I will have less patients and income …”

“I want to work less and enjoy my success more, but patients constantly ask for me. It is so hard to delegate my work to my employees …”

“I feel overworked and tired … There is less and less satisfaction in my achievements and results …”

“I want to expand my business, but I don’t know where to begin. There are so many things to take care of …” 

“It is so hard to find and keep good employees …”

Those are some of the most frequently spoken sentences in dental offices, based on our 28 years of experience in dentistry. None of it is clinical, it is all business related. 

But most dentists consider themselves to be more clinicians and doctors, then businessmen or entrepreneurs.

Even though dentists are primarily educated in acquiring clinical skills and knowledge, once they step out of the university and start to treat their first patient, they become business entrepreneurs.

They start to play their role in the “supply and demand” game of business – they have a service to provide and they need a patient that is willing to pay for their service.

I still have to meet a dentist that is not a business person per definition above.

By working only on improving their clinical skills, dentists will remain at the first level of business – playing the role of the “Artist”. If you stay at this level you will never create a business, because you are a single player and everything depends on you. If you don’t work, there is no income.

Second level is an “Operator” – you have great clinical skills, but you work for somebody else. Operators can make more money, but they get tired and overworked in the end. They exchange their time for a salary – this is the worst exchange you can make, even though your salary can be high.

Next level is where the magic happens – you have reached the “Owner” level. You have other people working for you – the most important leverage in any business. You have a good chance to create a sustainable and growing business that works even though you are not in your dental office. You have a chance to reach financial and personal freedom and fulfillment.

The problem is that the first two levels require great clinical skills. To become the “owner” requires business skills.

How can you tell that you are still an “operator” and not yet the “owner” – all the employees in your dental office come to you with questions, looking for your help to solve their problems. If this is still true, you don’t have a business – you have a job.

So, if you want to become the real “owner” or if you want to grow your dental office business, but don’t know how, if you feel overworked but don’t know how to get better, you need to change things!

For things to get better, you have to get better at doing things first!

It means that for you to grow your business, you have to get better at business skills first.

That is why we have created the “D BUSINESS MASTERY” annual training – specifically created for dentists and dental professionals who want to succeed in the business side of dentistry.


“D Business Mastery 2022.” is one of a kind 2-day training for dentists and dental professionals, which will take place on 11.-12.11.2022., at Kaptol Boutique Cinema in Zagreb, Croatia.

The best way is to model and learn from the people that have already made it in the dental business – that’s why we have an amazing lineup of speakers prepared for the third edition of our flagship event.

It is from their experience that we are able to provide all the participants with first hand knowledge on skills and tools that these people have used to grow their dental business.

The quality of our life is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves and the choices we make.

So, it is natural to ask – “How can I grow the value of my dental business during these challenging times?”

One of the major outcomes from this training is your business plan for 2023. But it is not just about the plan, as it is about the process of planning that will enable you to modify your original plan when needed.

We are living during the crisis on a global scale. It was never more important to take care of your business and make it sustainable under all circumstances.

Stay tuned for more information and see you soon in Zagreb!

D Business Mastery 2022. team


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