Ciprian Boca


Born in a small town in the middle of Transylvania, Ciprian Boca is a passionate filmmaker whose signature appears not only on TV commercials, but also on music videos and corporate short movies. Under the umbrella of his own brand Monkey Media, he has produced – together with his team, music videos for Romanian and international artists, corporate concept videos for companies like Porsche Europe and Daimler.
He also directed and produced videos together with representative names from the international dental elite, like Florin Cofar, Paulo Kano, Eric van Dooren, Gustavo and Marcelo Giordani, Edson da Silva, and others. He was the official videographer and photo-video trainer for the SKIN course in Brazil. A successful young international speaker, he presents his artistic vision, photo and video tips and tricks in the Esthetics through the Lens course, in several countries in Europe, United States, Asia and South America.


I fell in love with Cipa’s visual artwork the first time I watched his YouTube video for a song by amazing Moldavian singer Mihail Sandu. The scenery of Malta created the right stage for a love song and Cipa’s camera was telling a story alongside the music.

But it was during the first course with “Dentcof” in Zagreb, that I got to know Cipa better.

Sharing the stage with Florin Cofar and Edson da Silva, he was lecturing on the subject of dental photography.

The course itself was intense and we didn’t have much time to talk to each other as both of us were busy making things happen for the participants.

The day after everything was finished, we got together in a restaurant to say goodbye before they started their trip back to Timisoara.

It was then that I noticed some unease with him. After talking to him I understood that all of my Romanian family, as I would later call them, were true patriots caring deeply about their country.

Romania went through hard times being under dictatorship for decades and the events that would later set this country free in 1989. started in Timisoara - a beautiful town I was visiting on a regular basis attending courses in “Dentcof”, which became my second home.
Their country was now being torn apart by corruption and it created a moment of “deja vu” for this generation. Something needed to be done. There was a sense of urgency and a message to be sent out.

Only a few minutes later I was one of the protagonists holding a sign in Romanian language, standing in front of the camera, filming a protest video against the injustice happening in this country.

Their cause brought us together and we all participated, giving our share of support to make things right.

We went viral and sent a message to the world.

It was Cipa that moved all of us and inspired us to make this video. For a brief moment in time we all became one.

I learned that day from him that we are always a part of something greater than ourselves. Contribution is our deepest and highest human need.

Thank you for the lesson, Cipa.