Cyril Gaillard


Dental surgeon and entrepreneur, dr. Cyril Gaillard supports dental practices in their development with the help of seminars and coaching.

Graduated in 1998., he moved to Bordeaux in 2009. by creating his dental clinic GAD.
Today GAD employs 35 people and has 3 main activities: treating patients, dental lab and providing professional training training for dentists and dental assistants.


It was the summer of 2017. and it was the second day of the Tony Robbins “Unleash the power within” seminar in Excel conference center in London.

Tony Robbins is a world famous coach and speaker on the subject of personal development. He is coaching presidents, public figures, actors and sports players among others. You definitely want to hear what this guy has to say about almost anything concerning life, business, health, relationships - the list goes on.

My dear friend Daniel and I were making our way through the crowd of 14.000 participants, jumping out of joy because we had just purchased a complete Tony Robbins DVD collection, that was so big that we had to carry it in a huge plastic trash bag. It was our newly found treasure and we were on top of the world.

Out of the sudden, among this huge crowd we saw Cyril’s friendly face, as he was walking toward us with a big smile on his face. We didn’t expect to see dr. Cyril Gaillard, a famous french dentist from Bordeaux at the training where you walk barefoot on fire. Literally.

I will never forget what he said first: “So, did you apply for the whole program?” - meaning a series of 6 events called “Mastery University”, with a price tag of 3.000 - 5.000 USD per event.

We got stuck for a moment, because we have just spent all our cash on the DVDs...

But it was one of those life changing moments, where you decide to jump even when there is no safety net beneath you. You dare to take the next step into the unknown.

With Cyril leading the way we went straight to the sales counter for the “Mastery University” program and we filled out the application forms.

We took our wallets, took out the credit card and swiped it through the credit card machine … DECLINED! Second credit card … DECLINED!

By the time we reached our third credit card, it dawned on us that we are basically trying to pay for a new car with a credit card. Not a smart move when you are at the other end of the world without your bank knowing you want to pay for the car with a credit card.

You could feel the tension was growing by seconds.

But being there with Cyril as our guide, we started to discuss with the salesperson how to break down “the car” into smaller payments. We became resourceful. We started to negotiate this deal!

So, 15 minutes and 3 credit cards later, we finally made it. We were officially enrolled at “Mastery University” personal development program. We have just bought the car with our credit cards and we were jumping like crazy.

The journey of our lives has just begun and our life was never the same from this moment on.

Without Cyril, we wouldn’t be here today. We learned the lesson of being resourceful when the things were tough and hard.

Being resourceful is one of the most important skills for the business owners.
Thank you for the lesson, Cyril!