David Peranić


David works as a digital marketing strategist in a full-service digital marketing agency. His job is to make sure clients invest their marketing budget wisely and hit their goals, usually return on investment as the main KPI. He runs the performance department in the agency, responsible for digital analytics, advertising, search engine optimization, and conversion rate optimization.
He was raised in a craftsman family and during his childhood, he learned about tourism and hospitality. After studying the business system in the Faculty of organization and informatics, he founded a travel agency as a property management company. During that time David led a team of 20+ employees, managed 50 apartments, reached 50.000 overnight stays, and gathered a lot of experience in his early thirties. He keeps connected with tourism as a consultant, improving digital presence with specific.


Proud father of two who loves family time, traveling, and football. David enjoys personal development and business development growth literature still searching for the meaning of life and how to be the best version of himself while enjoying life and little things.