Geert Van Vlijmen


Geert took some radical leaps to eventually discover his passion for helping business owners and management teams with business growth. After graduating in law and having worked as a junior civil-law notary for 3.5 years, he followed his passion for innovation and started working for a publishing house. After 10 years in various positions in the field of innovation, he finally took the leap into entrepreneurship. This leap arose from the courses and training that he started in 2008. on coaching and personal development.
These training courses ultimately laid the foundation for his work as a business and high-performance strategist. After starting a startup he got involved as a mentor, trainer, coach in the startup ecosystem. More and more business owners and executives started asking for support in growing their business and presentation skills. As a business and high-performance strategist, he now helps business owners and management teams worldwide to grow their personal leadership, team and company, ultimately enabling them to achieve greater freedom.