Quoc An Nguyen


As a certified rabbit-hole jumper An has built several businesses making him a serial-entrepreneur by the age of 32. But he wouldn’t be where he is, professionally, if it weren’t for the personal sacrifices and challenges he experiences in life.

The valuable lessons learned over the years are at the foundation of his keynotes. Now at the age of 39, his obsession as a Keynote Speaker is impacting as many lives as possible by spreading the possibility virus.

An’s known to say it like he sees it and to astonish the audience with his bold vision on life, entrepreneurship, and continuous improvement. His ability to reframe and inspire his listeners to take immediate action are the key factors to his meteoric rise.
He builds businesses and deep dives into understanding the fast-paced world around him when he’s not onstage, making him the go-to speaker for your event.

Formally trained as a dentist, An now spends his time as a speaker and entrepreneur, doing whatever it takes to realise his mission: to inspire and empower people all over the world to jump and touch the sky. Never letting anyone tell them that it cannot be done; that their ideals are not real.


It happened during dinner in a famous japanese restaurant Taiko in Amsterdam, where we went to meet An for the first time.

An’s personal assistant Hanneke was super kind and she organised my trip to Amsterdam to the smallest of details, including this get together dinner together.

It was the best sushi I ever had with the people that will become my life long friends.

But halfway through the dinner, something started to get to my attention. There was something so familiar about the beautiful girl sitting next to our table. She had this crystal clear voice and her laughter was echoing through the space around her.

Suddenly I realised that the girl was Ariana Grande - famous american pop singer currently touring Europe.

Actually, my daughter Emma and I came to Amsterdam to see her live in concert and here we were sitting next to her, the night before the show.

I started looking into my pockets for a pen and paper to get her autogram, when I felt a huge hand grabbing my shoulder. The black hand was so big and intimidating that I was afraid to turn my head and see who is behind the hand.
Her oversized muscle packed bodyguard leaned forward and in a silent but firm voice whispered in my ear: “I am sure you’ll understand that Miss. Grande wouldn’t like to be interrupted at her dinner with her team.”

He then stepped back to his position next to the entrance, silently watching over the room. I was in shock, standing still and being afraid to move in order not to lose some part of my body.

In spite of the bodyguard standing next to us and not being able to get that autogram, our energy was skyrocketing that evening.

And it was An who said at one point: “We just have to do something together! But it must be EPIC!”

That one sentence led us to organising the most amazing dental event ever, called “EPIC”. The energy and momentum created at that event created so many personal and professional breakthroughs at all levels and changed many lives.

The lesson here is that you always have to go for the “Epic” in whatever you do! Always bring your best game to the table.

Thank you for the lesson An! By the way, we went to Ariana Grande’s concert the night after and she just rocks!